1-2-1 Coaching Testimonial by Katy

Transcript of Katy’s video testimonial:

(I explained to Maureen) …’I just don’t know what to do with myself, I’ve got all these skills, I know I can help… ‘- so Maureen asked me a few very pertinent questions and it was literally like having somebody open the curtains before the theatre, suddenly everything was very lumined in that she asked me some very deep questions and I replied very spontaneously in the safety of this room.  I burst into tears actually because it was such a revelation to myself, I don’t know why I cried, I wasn’t sad –   and since then I have clarity, complete clarity about what I’m doing.  So, yes, I’m very grateful, I now know what to do to strengthen that path, to strengthen that clarity.   I’m beginning to let go of all that drains me of energy – that which is not useful, I’m not wasting my energy any more, which is great, absolutely great.’

1-2-1 Coaching testimonial by Julie

Transcript of Julie’s video testimonial:

‘I’ve just finished my third hour with Maureen.   I knew the sense of direction I wanted to go in, I’ve known that for 19 years but I wasn’t actually getting very far.  And talking to Maureen, she suddenly brought everything into focus and now I’ve got a clear sense of direction where I’m going. Everything I do, I can ask myself ‘is this going towards my vision, or not?’ So it means that I wake up in the morning and I’m full of energy and enthusiasm for the day which I haven’t been since I had to finish work 20 years ago because of an industrial injury, so it’s really brought me back to life, it’s absolutely wonderful.  Maureen gets so much joy from helping other people find their vision; it’s just wonderful to be with her and helped by her.’

1-2-1 Coaching Testimonials:


‘It is rare that I come across a genuine, authentic Coach who embodies the qualities so necessary in the Coaching and Mentoring profession.  Maureen is such a Coach with a surprising and empowering intuition that helped me to address the heart of my true purpose.   Maureen was excellent at helping me get my ‘stuff’ out of the way.  She did it in a gentle, yet firm way, empowering me to focus on what I can do now in my current circumstances.  All my reasons why I could not start right where I am dropped away, it was so liberating, and clarified for me my deeper purpose and how I can begin to live that in a safe, holistic way, while growing into my ultimate goal of inspiring large audiences.


Maureen’s coaching is different and adds perspectives I had not heard before. I have spent many years and many £’s searching for the meaning of my work and had become disenchanted with the focus on material wealth and isolated technique approach of some of these programs.  Maureen very skilfully helped me to integrate my unique purpose and desire to serve with the wealth that comes from providing true value.  Maureen empowered me to be my unique self, loving and caring for myself while reaching for that state of bliss which will ultimately benefit the clients I serve, Maureen is a model of what she shares.  Maureen’s approach is like a walk in nature with a caring friend who wants the very best for you, challenging gently, applauding loudly and celebrating your successes with you.  This, to me, is what coaching is really about – I highly recommend her work, you may find her approach  helps you clarify what you are uniquely called to do, as Idid.’  Kathy Strong – Somerset.


‘I was diagnosed with one of the most aggressive types of cancer.  The treatments that followed were an assault on my mind, body and soul.  I dragged myself finally towards the long awaited finish line, expecting my former life to resume.  the idea that you take your medicine and, if you’re one of the lucky ones, exit stage left to pick up life where you left off is, in my opinion deeply flawed.  I was just existing, rather than enjoying life, and finding little joy, pleasure or happiness in anything I did.  A scan revealed no remaining active disease – surely I should have been dancing in the streets?  But NOTHING inspired me. Maureen asked me to do some pretty simple things over the next week or two and the essence of me returned.  


Prior to cancer, during a long and varied career, I had always had a strong feeling that I should be doing something else.   This intuition was sufficiently strong that I resigned from my job and attempted to pursue other paths three times over the years.  Each time I had allowed myself to be sucked back into the machine.  After four conversations with Maureen she shared her thoughts with me, identifying my true path as something I am very interested in, which I find easy to do and have a lot of passion for.  It emerged that I was already doing it too, but in an unfocussed, haphazard way.  Together we formulated a life plan that feels right.  The odd thing is I already knew it on some level and there are no barriers to doing it.  I just needed inspiring.  At the end of our fourth conversation I was buzzing with energy,  literally, I could feel it as a physical sensation.  Thanks Maureen!’  Liz Williams – Surrey.


Recently I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Maureen as I was undergoing a huge career and lifestyle change, and felt I needed some assistance moving forwards.  We underwent a fun and interesting journey together that, through Maureen’s pertinent questions, not only allowed me to get a better and clearer understanding of myself, but I also to began to formulate how I might make my passions into a tangible, enjoyable and productive living.  I enjoyed the process and the insights that came to light through it.  Thank you Maureen!’  N.S. – West Sussex.


Last year I had lost who I wanted to be and had ensuing health problems.  I went to TOR Health pa and found Maureen.  She helped me on my way again and supported continued life changes and transition.  Now I travel lightly and well.  Thank you Maureen.’  Susan Dutfield – East Sussex.

Testimonials for the morning group course:


‘I left feeling liberated, justified and energised….all very positive and possible. I also felt so grateful to Maureen for enabling me to realise these feelings…..a testament to her professionalism.’  Ethel Shaw – Kent.


‘I found Maureen’s course inspirational. Time out with like minded people is hugely valuable and I have started making positive changes already. Maureen is a sensitive and charmingly down to earth facilitator who gets the best out of everybody.’  Bernie Morgan – Kent.


‘Maureen’s own story immediately resonated for me; the feeling of ‘searching to find my potential’ my whole life. Within just a morning group session she guided me through the elements of my struggle and with one simple question they seemed to all connect up! I felt huge relief that what I had seen in the past as weakness was now my strength.’ Liu Batchelor – Kent.


‘I found the morning very helpful as it gave me the space to reflect on what I want out of life. Maureen’s questions shone a light and felt like the beginning of a journey towards a more developed self-awareness.’ K.W. – Kent.


 ‘I attended Maureen’s group session and found it very grounding, inspiring and thought provoking – “light bulb moments” were had.  Would thoroughly recommend.  Maureen is a very wise person!’  Liz Westlake – Kent.


‘Meeting Maureen was like a breath of fresh air in a frenetic world.  Just lovely.  As a coach myself, I normally tend to have my professional head on but I challenged myself to take that off and remain open.  I basked in Maureen’s wisdom and kindness.  For me the morning was like putting on a  cloak of velvet and drinking the best hot chocolate ever!  Meeting Maureen, a fellow highly sensitive person, has been a gift – the morning gave me much food for thought and I felt very inspired.  It’s not therapy, it’s an opportunity to explore what’s really important.’  Jane Chapman – Kent.


‘Maureen has a lovely, gentle and comforting demeanour.  I attended her morning course and have no hesitation in recommending her wonderful, enlightening workshops to all my friends, family and business colleagues.’  Maureen Johnson – Kent.


‘An interesting and thought provoking session.  Some aspects of my situation were clarified as a result of this session – others were questioned!  Although I now think that I am on the right path, I also realise there are untapped potentials that may need further exploration.’  Teresa Walker – Kent.


‘I would highly recommend Maureen’s introductory workshop to understanding and finding your purpose.  Maureen dives right in and helps to tweak your purpose out of you by using specific questioning techniques in a non-judgemental, caring and gentle way.  Thank you for a very insightful workshop.’  Liz Almond – Kent.


‘Maureen’s morning course enabled me to really consider elements within my life that weren’t working for me and my family.  After the course I entered quite a long period of reassessing what is important to me and what makes me happy.  I have surprised myself with the life changing decisions I’ve made and I feel so much more content, sure of who I am, and more able to change other things if they are limiting my ability to fulfil my purpose.’  Sarah Vaughan – Kent.