Discover your Purpose in life and uncover a greater Vision for your future.


I share the processess and practices that worked for me. I shall ask questions and bring my personal insight. I am very good a seeing what is missing in a situation. You will get a sense of clarity and focus very quickly, and understand yourself much more.


Many of us long to hear our inner voice – to hear it and act upon it. But we all need help to do so. We can often feel enslaved, but through coaching we become free and our inner voice is the key to that freedom.


I don’t pretend to be Mother Theresa or the Dalai Lama when it comes to listening to my own inner voice, but I am much better at it now than I was. And I would like to help others become better at it too. When I look back on my life, I realise the most happy times have been when I have listened to my inner voice; the most miserable when I have not.


The process is like ‘giving you back to you’ and my joy comes from enabling this.

Public Speaking / Insightful Speaking


Having uncovered a Vision for your future, public speaking is a skill you may want to learn.

For me the phrase public speaking conjures up something dry and cold, but the style I coach is relaxed, and not at all corporate. I prefer to call it Insightful Speaking.


Speaking confidently to a group is a wonderful skill anyone can develop. It is a creative art, a craft that comes from the heart, as does any other creative expression. It is about coming to your individual essence and talking from that point, rather than purely from information in your head. By essence, I am referring to who you truly are, you at your very best.


Insightful speaking becomes possible when you know your Purpose in life. Speaking with passion is possible when you know your Purpose. To have insight and passion is very engaging. The words flow from your heart in an authentic, refreshing way that encompasses your desire to share what is meaningful to you.


Being aware of how much you care is the first step in overcoming the nervousness that can arise when speaking to an audience.