How I came to be a coach


For many years I wondered ‘what am I meant to be doing?’ At work I’d think, ‘I’m meant to be doing something more than this…’ I was waiting for someone else to see my potential and give me some kind of interesting opportunity… I knew I had a lot to offer and a vague idea of what my qualities were, but I couldn’t settle on a direction. I enjoyed parts of what I did, but not all of it. I also knew I wanted to do something bigger, but what?

I enjoyed encouraging other people to progress and develop in the way they wanted to; I couldn’t resist – I felt energised doing it. I loved to facilitate the beauty I could see in others. But then I’d wonder, what about me, what am I supposed to be doing?

This unsettled feeling led me to do all sorts of courses and training – I wanted to understand myself better and ‘figure the problem out’. And I did.

Everything fitted into place and made perfect sense because I hadn’t only spent years wondering about my Purpose, I’d been wondering about other people’s Purpose too.

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My thinking…


Retirement could soon be a phenomenon of the past – this is a catalyst for change. A change where we view work differently by connecting to our Purpose in life and craft work for ourselves that we no longer yearn to retire from. I believe this is the future.   I also believe we’ll look back on this time in history with sadness, an era when unaware of our Purpose, we didn’t expect to enjoy our work.


What Inspires me…


I’m inspired to contribute to a future where it becomes the norm for us all to engage in work we really love. In the broadest sense, this would be social reform as we use more of our human capacity to bring about positive change.


Dr. Elaine Aron


I discovered Dr Elaine Aron’s work in 2015 and realised that I am such a person, an ‘extrovert hsp!’ :

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Born in 1962, I grew up in Essex with my Mum, Dad and two older brothers.

I loved learning shorthand and typing but my first day as a secretary in London was a shock – I had always expected to love my work, and straight away I knew I didn’t.

Everyone around me was waiting for 5pm and pay day. Soon I felt the same. It wasn’t how I thought work would be. I moved from job to job (lots of them), but each time I was more interested in my boss’s job than mine. I was bored but didn’t know what to do about it. After some years I took a job as a receptionist/typist in an estate agency and found I loved speaking to customers…


In time I married, became the Branch Manager of a large estate agency in Norwich, and loved it. Later I worked for a small housing construction company which was also great fun.

As soon as my first son was born in 1993 I knew I wouldn’t be returning to work. Five years later we had our second son and I really enjoyed being a mum.

Our sons didn’t settle into State education, and as a result I found Steiner education. I did the Class Teacher Training in London because I wanted to bring the Steiner philosophy into our home life. But this didn’t feel enough so in 2002 we moved to Canterbury so they could both attend a Steiner school. This worked well for our older son, but after 3 years at the Steiner school our younger son left and was home educated.


When I look back on my life, I realise the most happy times have been when I have listened to my inner voice, the most miserable when I haven’t.  This was never more so than when it came to education and our sons.


Later I returned to work part time. I didn’t want to return to estate agency as I wanted something that felt more meaningful to me.

I worked as a private home help for the elderly and learnt a great deal, including aspects of dementia. I enjoyed some areas of this work, but I knew I wanted something more.

For several years I worked in a further education college, mostly with 17 year olds. I worked in various departments supporting students with learning difficulties, also working with disadvantaged, vulnerable students who needed ‘skills for life and work’. Later I particularly enjoyed coaching and assessing the ‘Speaking and Listening’ part of the English iGCSE. Whilst I enjoyed some aspects of working in further education, I could feel the ‘whole picture’ wasn’t right for me.


Whilst being a Home Help and working at the college I did my soul searching and the various courses that led me to understand my own Purpose in life. It was then I became a Coach.